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            Our Values  |  Service and Methodologies

The Consumer Opinion is the largest consumer feedback panel. We work with manufacturers and producers around the world to ensure residents are provided products and services that meet their needs. We accomplish this by giving members of our panel opportunities to voice their opinions, attitudes and perceptions through questionnaire surveys from some of the world's top brands.

If your organization is seeking a well-maintained panel to conduct your research, The Consumer Opinion is the right place to look. Our commitment is to keep our clients at the forefront of consumer trends by providing access to our panel of highly qualified survey respondents and delivering strategic and tactical recommendations supported by robust statistical analytics.

At The Consumer Opinion, we know that quality samples are the cornerstone of reliable research results. This is why The Consumer Opinion provides a comprehensive selection of proprietary methodologies for conducting primary online market research, including product testing, brand awareness, campaign evaluation and feasibility studies.

The Consumer Opinion is dedicated to providing the most responsive and highest quality electronic communications channel available - enabling researchers to instantly reach and engage targeted consumers and business decision-makers. This is why we can deliver the most value to our clients and panel members while adhering to the highest business ethics and research standards. We can do all this in a fraction of the time of our competitors since we are based locally.

Are you looking to reach a specific audience? The Consumer Opinion can help. We profile each member of our association using a number of key metrics. Our recruitment and maintenance strategies allow us access to low-incidence groups including business owners, educators, and IT professionals.

Our global team delivers high-quality, cost-effective market research services.

We provide:
  • Panelists
  • Programming services
  • Hosting Services
The Consumer Opinion Advantage:
  • Million households participate to complete online surveys
  • Consumers are recruited by invitation only
  • Consumers register to become a panel member through a double opt-in system
  • 24/7 Customer Service Care
  • Incentives provided in local currencies
  • Data management systems to ensure the highest quality data for each study

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