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            What We Do  |  Service and Methodologies

Client satisfaction is our first priority:
We know that our success depends on meeting the toughest challenges and deadlines that our clients face. The Consumer Opinion is able to deliver superior client service.

Fair Value Exchange:
We believe the best way to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with panel members is by providing a financial incentive each time a respondent participates in a survey. An incentive program that supports the accumulation of a currency redeemable at various bonus thresholds achieves the high participation rates and retention longevity when compared to other incentive approaches.

Privacy First:
We respect the privacy of each of our panel members and adhere to a highly ethical privacy policy to ensure their trust. Our research studies report information only in aggregate, singular summary form, and do not disclose personal information.

A rigorous recruitment process like no other:
The Consumer Opinion adheres to the highest quality recruitment methods and maintains the highest levels of panel maintenance and data freshness.

The Consumer Opinion has pioneered the partnering approach using a controlled mix of both online methods (e.g. solo e-mail invitations and other targeted online modes) and offline methods (e.g. physical post-card invitations, direct mail inserts, etc.); we have been able to build a geographically and demographically diverse panel.

By employing our "by invitation only" approach, we:

  1. Achieve higher levels of panel normalization, and
  2. Effectively avoid the "professional respondents" that are plaguing other online research panels.

This approach allows The Consumer Opinion to profile the quality of each member before allowing them to join our panel. We profile by the following characteristics:

  • Employment Profiling
  • Financial Profiling
  • Household Profiling
  • IT Professional Profiling
  • Medical Profiling
  • Technology Usage Profiling
  • Travel Profiling
  • Special Interest Profiling

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