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How do I become a member?
It takes 1-2 minutes of your time to complete the online registration form to become a member. Membership is FREE.

How much does it cost?
Becoming a member is absolutely FREE. There are NO COSTS involved to become a member and participate in online studies. In fact, we reward you for your time and participation when you respond to our email(s) and/ or login to your profile to complete the available studies.

Who is eligible to join The Consumer Opinion?
The Consumer Opinion is open to anyone over the age of 18 years who has a valid email address.

What companies does The Consumer Opinion work with?
We work with many of the top global companies. By sharing your opinion, you could have a direct impact on an international brand and improve it for the better.

How can I leave The Consumer Opinion?
You are never under any obligation to participate in surveys and we will never sell your information. If you would still like to leave The Consumer Opinion, please click here.

How do I earn Opinion Points?
You can earn Opinion Points in the following three ways:
1) Signing up to be a member of (100 Opinion Points)
2) Referring a friend (100 Opinion Points per completed registration)
3) Provide your feedback by completing our online studies in your profile in a timely manner on a continuous basis (number of Opinion Points varies depending on the study).

Can I refer a friend or a family member to the program?
Yes, you can refer a friend or family member to the program through your member portal. For each qualified* referral you provide, you will earn 100 Opinion Points.

Why is there a limitation to how many people I can refer?
There is a limitation of maximum of 50 referrals per member because we want to make sure our panelists are legitimate. However, if you have more than 50 referrals they are most welcome to join and start earning Opinion Points.

Rewards       top

How do I redeem my Opinion Points?
You can redeem your Opinion Points by selecting one of the electronic rewards offers from our rewards list. To view the list of rewards, simply log-in to your member account and click on the "Redeem Opinion Points" at the left panel.

Please review the terms and conditions of each reward you wish to redeem. Your account balance will be verified then debited, and your reward will be on its way. While several Reward coupons and certificates are fulfilled electronically, others will be shipped through mail. If so, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

How soon can I start redeeming my Opinion Points?
You can redeem your Opinion Points as soon as you have accumulated enough to qualify towards a gift of your choice from one of our preferred rewards partners.

Do my Opinion Points expire?
Yes, your Opinion Points will expire if you have not participated in any online surveys for a period of 2 years or have been advised otherwise.

Can I transfer or sell my Opinion Points to another individual or combine Opinion Points from different accounts to reach higher reward levels?
Your Opinion Points will not be transferred, bartered, sold or combined with any other The Consumer Opinion account. You are limited to one account per individual. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for details.

How many points do I need before I can redeem them for a prize?
You can refer to the chart in your member account to see how many points you have and the cash reward value of your points.

Privacy       top

Will sell my email address or other personal information?
Absolutely NOT. is firmly committed to protecting your privacy. Please refer to our Privacy Policy. We will not sell, trade, rent, disclose, or make available your identity, email/ home address, or phone number to any outside third party without your consent, unless we are required to do so by a court or by a public authority.

Why do you ask me the same questions in different studies? If I answered it once, shouldn't you already have that information?
To protect your privacy, personal demographic and profile data, we do not disclose this type of information to our clients. Therefore, when our research clients want this data, they must ask you to provide it to them directly. This is why you may be asked the same or similar questions in different studies.

Account       top

Why can't I change the country in my profile?
If you move to a different country after your register, one of our customer support team members will be more than happy to change your information for you. For security reasons, panelists cannot change this information themselves. Please contact us at:

Why can't I change my email address?
Your email address is a unique ID used to access your account. We need your correct email address in order to target you with the appropriate studies. If your email address has changed, one of our customer support team members will be happy to change your information for you. Please contact us at:

How much email will I receive from The Consumer Opinion?
The number of emails may vary depending upon the studies we have available that match your interests. We encourage you to frequently visit our website and login to your profile to see what studies are available for you to complete.

How do I update my profile/contact information?
Simply login to your profile from our website, select "Update Your Profile" from the menu tab and update/modify your profile/contact information.

How do I change my password?
To change your password, simply Login to your profile from our website, select Change Password (or Update Your Profile) from the menu tab and change your password.

What do I do if I forgot my password?
In the login section of our website, enter your email ID and click on the link "Forgot My Password." Once we receive your request, shortly after you will receive an email from us with your password.

How do I cancel my membership?
To unsubscribe your membership, click here.
IMPORTANT: Once you have cancelled your membership, your account will be closed and cannot be reactivated at a later date.

Can I stop getting e-mail from The Consumer Opinion without cancelling my membership?
Absolutely. Login to your member account select My Profile from the menu tab, select the option box to Not Receive Emails.

Technical       top

What if I am unable to log in?
When logging in as a Member, please ensure that you are using the correct e-mail address and The Consumer Opinion password. If you have misplaced your password, in the login section of our website, enter your email ID and click on the link "Forgot My Password." Once we receive your request, shortly after you will receive an email from us with your password.

If, after receiving your new password, you are still unable to log in, you may need to clear your cache and delete temporary files. Make sure cookies are enabled on your browser. Another possibility is that you may be using a filtering and blocking software program that is not allowing cookies to be placed on your computer. Lastly, your computer may be behind a firewall or proxy server that prevents cookie transmission. This is commonly found in a corporate environment. So, regardless of how your browser is set, cookies won't be sent or received by your browser.

Can I complete my enrollment questionnaire at a later time?
Yes! You can complete the enrollment questionnaire at any time. Enrollment points are only distributed after the enrollment questionnaire is completed. Also the sooner your enrollment questionnaire is completed the sooner you may receive a campaign invitation from us.

What if I have received a "Page Not Found" error?
We have a rigorous and thorough testing process to ensure that you can access all links and website pages. We apologize if you happen to receive such an error while using our website. Please kindly report it in as much detail as possible to Member Services:

Why am I not receiving e-mails from The Consumer Opinion?
Consumer Opinion only sends e-mails to members who are opted-in to the panel. Once you've joined the panel you will receive a welcome email that confirms your membership with us. If you've recently joined The Consumer Opinion and have never received an e-mail from us, then please kindly ensure that your email with us is correct and also check your Inbox and Bulk/Spam folders for the e-mail from

To avoid the e-mails from The Consumer Opinion from going into your Bulk/Spam folders, please add the following e-mail addresses to your address book and list of Trusted Senders.


Can't find your question? Email us here for more information.

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